Friday, 14 September 2012

HTC RUNNYMEDE ROM S-OFF firmware upgrade 2.3.6 to ICS 
  1.  Htc Runnymede Official ICS firmware
  2. Runnymede Temporary root
  3. FARDJADB (Runnymede S-OFF)
  4. Sigtool 
  5. Htc Windows Driver 
Command that you need to use and understand
1.adb devices (verify devices)
2.adb reboot bootloader (enter bootloader at android mode)
3.fastboot getvar cid (get to know your devices CID "carrier id")
4.SigTool Sign permission to extract the rom)
5.SigTool nullsign sign repacking the rom)
6.fastboot flash zip zip rom)
7.fastboot flash hboot hboot***.nb0 (flashing hboot)
8.fastboot reboot (reboot devices)

It's basically a patched Bootloader which pretends S-OFF (It's not Radio S-OFF.), you can be change back to official bootloader. , follow the way without passing htc dev to unlock bootloader.

Step is just work on firmware 2.3.6 to 4.0 ics only.

1.)Download (Runnymede Temporary Root), for temporary root your devices
  • install Htc Windows Driver to windows pc
  • extract (Runnymede Temporary Root) should be this file ( to your pc.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device from Settings > Applications > Development
  • Plug your device to your pc via the usb cable, make sure its in “Charge Only” mode
  • Open and extract the ‘(’ file and click “Runme.bat”
  • Once done devices restart , at pc click on Start---search programs files---cmd, taip on (Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb shell) like picture below

  • Devices will pop up superuser remember click allow.
  • on pc screen when showing "#" icon mean congratulation you have bean success permanent root.

Now second step pretends S-OFF 
  1. Download FARDJADB (Runnymede S-OFF)  special thanks to FARDJADB 
  2. After download should get FARDJADB_Runnymede_0.1.exe , just plug in cable click on FARDJADB_Runnymede_0.1.exe . wait until finish process you will get S-OFF as picture below.

 3.Done your devices was security off success ( You won't get Radio S-OFF with flashing this HBOOT. Having this said, even if you enable writeCID function in HBOOT you can't change the CID) Htc Runnymede Official ICS firmware ,(this is malaysia firmware if you need other country can be search at web) .

5.for those having problems with CID, here is a workaround:

First thing you need to do is to extract the file from the RUU. here is a quick how-to however:

    Open the RUU.
    After Welcome screen shown up, open %temp% in explorer (ie. Meta/Win-Key + R, type %temp% and press enter)
    Sort items by Date modified and open the most recent modified folder having a GUID name (ie. something like {3F99782F-1E57-40F2-9F33-D48C3DC171C5})
    Search for and move/copy it to somewhere else.
    Close the RUU.

Now download SigTool and place it beside the file. Open Command-Prompt, cd to the right directory and execute the following:


SigTool rip

the expected output is:


Creating backup...
Ripping signature...

Go ahead and extract the signature-ripped file.
Open android-info.txt in a *nix end of line aware text editor (ex. Notepad++). You should see something like this:


modelid: PI3920000
cidnum: HTC__001
cidnum: HTC__E11
cidnum: HTC__203
cidnum: HTC__102
cidnum: HTC__405
cidnum: HTC__Y13
cidnum: HTC__A07
cidnum: HTC__304
cidnum: HTC__032
cidnum: HTC__J15
cidnum: HTC__016

Add your phone CID

If you don't know your CID you can get it this way:
While your phone is in bootloader and connected in FASTBOOT-USB mode, execute this:


fastboot getvar cid

it should output something like cid: T-MOB101

then add a new line (cidnum: <YOURCIDNUM>) below the modelid in android-info.txt so it looks like:

HTML Code:

modelid: PI3920000
cidnum: T-MOB101

Save changes and close the editor.

This is important:
In extracted contents you should see a file with hboot name prefix, exclude/take it away and repack other files. I assume you choose for the archive name.

Now you should null sign (that's how I like to call it) the file:


SigTool nullsign

and flash the null-signed rom zip file:


fastboot flash zip

when finished, flash the 1.28 hboot you moved away before:


fastboot flash hboot hboot_*.nb0

Reboot your device.

p/s: i am copy this post from  ( fardjad) really thanks to him,i am success my work upgrading devices from other country to my country firmware). and this was my reference to keep it.

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