Sunday, 3 June 2012

Galaxy Note N7000 ICS rom upgrade

Galaxy Note N7000 ICS rom upgrade
Items prepare
. Ordin3 v1.85


Here is the easy ,faster and safe way to upgrade your galaxy note N7000 , actually you can be also using SAMSUNG KIES to upgrade but will take some time. Using Ordin3 to easy way upgrade your device.

step 1: make sure backup your contact,calender,task,message and personal important things.

step 2: fully charge your device

step 3: pressing and holding Volume down + HOME + Power button until Warning!!( like picture beside)

step 4: press volume up to entering download your screen should be like this

 Now prepare extract and Ordin3 v1.85 to your computer at desktop double click run Ordin3.
Plug your devices to computer ordin3 will show com port in yellow box mean your devices was        already detect to ordin3 if not showing anything at ordin3 mean your devices was no driver found   at your computer then you should download and run samsung usb driver for mobile phone v1 3       2300 after install it re-plug your devices to computer again then click on PDA box                   select N7000DXLP9_N7000OLBLP6_N7000DXLP5_HOME.tar.md5 , for Asia devices flashing to Asia official firmware was no need tick on (Re-partition) and (Flash Lock),press start to start flashing   firmware when done at ordin3 will show PASS at green box.

P/S:After finish upgrade do a hard reset the system will be smoother.                                                                

Congratulation you success upgrade ICS firmware

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